In August TCS it was closed just two weeks while providing their services throughout the month thanks to Maria Carla.

We took advantage of the summer to open the doors of our collection of modern art with some special guests.

Along with three employees of the structure, on August 11, came to visit us eleven residents at Don Guanella Como.

During a friendly and improvised breakfast of croissants and cappuccinos we were pleased to show our guests our offices and all items now unavailable in our collection.

We enjoyed to be able to donate some serenity and reviving memories of all those who were able to use one or more of the items of the collection when they were young.

A chance to experience a different day from their beautiful reality that we will repeat as soon as possible and we were proud to share.

For us it was a real joy to know new people and share some moments together; we are sure that they will carry in their hearts this day.

Alcuni Amici del Don Guanella in una delle sale riunioni

Alcuni Amici del Don Guanella nella sala pausa

Amici del Don Guanella con Maria Carla