T as in «Tessuti» (fabrics)

We started 40 years ago with the fabrics for ties evolving then the printed fabrics for shirts…

C as in «Camicie» (shirts)

To be different and stand out from the norm in fashion you need to create and not copy: we offer our creativity, others can only imitate it!

S as in «Stampati» (printed)

We print on any type of product, with our imagination create unique pieces only and exclusively “made in Italy”

Every day our collection grows!

Now you can choose in a catalogue of 495.000 designs

Come and see the new trends !!!


We consider ourselves the avant-garde of creativity in the fabric market. As a matter of fact the collections we present today often become our competitor’s collection tomorrow… Creativity cannot be copied, ideas can though: we like looking ahead so we can be the trendsetters.


Established in 1976, we’ve come a long way… With our innovative ideas we are the ideal partner for those looking to keep pace with the times.


We have built a unique location that has stunned many visitors: you can breathe the creativity, innovation, hustle and bustle and the will to create. We believe that to be really creative, it is essential to live in an environment that acts as a stimulus for new ideas.

The collection

Actually TCS main anctivity is to conceiving and producing printed fabrics (of different kinds of silk, cotton, linen, polyester, nylon, viscose, acetate, etc.), manufacture (shirts, hats, bags, scarves, swimwear, boxers, scarves, ascot, vest, bow ties, printed table cloths, pillows), cufflinks. Our collections are printed with both the traditional print with digital printing. All our products are strictly Made in Italy, and are carefully prepared and checked.

Digital printing

T.C.S. also offers a digital printing service for customers who need to create either samples or a small production line. We are constantly looking for solutions that fully satisfy our client’s needs. TCS is always open to new initiatives, to experimenting with new fabrics, new printing technologies etc.

We won a Guinness!

In 1986 Umberto Sala, founder of TCS and Tecra, conceived a tie 30 times bigger than a regular one: the TCS staff realizied it and it was certified in the Guinness World Records™ in 1987!

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