Bridal gownsA glamorous event took place on November 9 at the main studio of Oleggio, in the province of Novara, exactly in Via Verbano at number 17.

A bridal catwalk showcasing the Wedding Dresses designed by Elisabetta Polignano with luxurious fabrics all Made in Italy and inspired by the myth of the Orient Express. The 2015 collections are immaculate and attentive to detail with a wide range of accessories and genius touches: elegant hats, gloves, unusual bows on skirts, adorning collars, and laces.

Each creation is handcrafted with exclusive fabrics, mostly silk, from the finest Italian workshops, thus, strictly “Made in Italy” which is the philosophy of the brand.

The designer has personally explained: “The 2015 collection represents a journey filled with the imagination that each of us would like to make. A trip that takes off in the late nineteenth century to land in the present day: so, I have identified the periods with the most influential styles in fashion, and I chose to depict them on each of the three lines of the Bridal collection: EP, Vision and Signature”.

The fashion style is inspired on the late nineties and early twenties, with necklines that reveal the shoulders, and big soft flakes placed either on the skirts or on tight fitting bodices.

The color palette is very feminine, with impalpable and precious fabrics that makes it even more striking: white, pink, apricot, vibrant stitches with bright colors like red cardinal, to name one. For the 1900, the designer has followed a more aggressive and sensual line that expresses the first stages of the era of women’s emancipation.

Minimal lines and textured fabrics, as well as bold colors such as black and taupe characterize the evolution of the collections, in a crescendo that is a real horseback journey through the different era choices to finally arrive to the ’50s and’ 60s; from revisited gored skirts and a marked waist revival, to a dive into the eighties, with the historic jacquard prints.