Roza KhamitovaRoza Khamitova is a stylist of the new generation; painter and designer of great talent, she has created a series of scarves that definitely exploit the bird motif in a creative way.
Each scarf, when worn as a shawl, creates the illusion that the person wearing it has enormous beautiful wings like those of eagles, peacocks, doves and every kind of bird with feathers of wonderful textures and colors.

Always surrender by art Roza Khamitova was born into a family of artists in 1981, in Kazakhstan. After taking private lessons with the renowned artist Oleg Pischev, Roza and her mother moved to New York. There, Roza perfected her technique and knowledge at an art school in Bayside, where she was allowed to attend more than one course at a time. After that, she enrolled at the School of Visual Arts and graduated in 2004.

Finally, Khamitova crowned her dream of working in the NY fashion industry by creating graphics and prints for clothes for such notables as DKNY, David Bitton, and Skechers, which in the meantime, allowed her to refine her skills in both traditional art and computer graphics.

Roza has also accumulated a wealth of great cultural depth on her trips to India, Israel, New Zealand, Central Asia and Australia -where she currently lives-.
She alternates her work as a designer with that of a painter, working on commissioned pieces of art by numerous customers and creating her own collection of scarves.

Author: Giusy Ragni