TCS adds more than 40,000 designs to its catalogue!

Many of you might recall the most innovative and unique printing company: STAR of Oltrona San Mamette, founded in 1935.

Star was the precursor of photographic looks into fabrics, before anybody else they lead this segment for many decades utilizing an innovative and patented technology.

Unfortunately they had to close down few years ago, in spite of their great business and an important customer base, it was more of a political reasons and mismanagement since they were part of a big textile group including brands like Pepper, Cerutti 1881, Frette, etc.

We are pleased to announce that we acquired the entire Star archive of drawings counting over 40,000 designs!

It was not easy since in the auction we had to battle with a real Giant in the Industry but as history tells sometimes David wins vs Goliath so we can finally say: “Mission accomplished!”

The main reason we wanted this collection was the heritage to be continued, in fact despite our small size we humbly believe that we are the natural descendents of STAR, we feel we share the same passion and creative DNA: distinct, unique, bizarre, innovative… therefore a perfect match!

We would like to thank the over 100 workers that made it possible for STAR to become an unique company: their efforts and energy was never produced in vain and their memory and sacrifices will live for many more years thanks to TCS!

We can say that a new STAR is born!

The Italian creativity in the world will never die.

Umberto, Paolo, Giuliano Sala & the entire TCS’ staff