2015 fashion TrendsAuthor: Giusy Ragni

Every time we talk about fashion and its trends women will want to know how they will have to dress in 2015, what will be the fashion trends, styles, fabric and colors that will give them a fashionable look.

Of course anything can be interpreted differently but this particular kind of fashion will require some almost compulsory attention to details.

Let’s begin by saying that as usual black is of course timeless like any other year but it can tire as a hue; marsala has been proclaimed the fashionable queen of colors of the new year, chosen by Pantone.

The most authoratitave voice on colours and such.

Also electric blue stands out among the favorite hues, together with pearl-gray, ice gray, indigo blue and bright almond.

Many famous labels have also included floreal decorations and animalier prints, opticals, ethnic drawings and polished yet again their lines. Not only did they do so for outfits and sweaters, but also for handbags and accessories.

Slightly straighter longuette skirts are making a comeback as well as the broader ones, worn with soft smocks or short sleeve turtlenecks.

In 2015 clothing for women there are also trousers, trousers for man, jackets and coats rigorously oversized reaching the calf and beyond, to face the big cold.

Cloaks, ponchos and stoles above shoulders on coats are also fashionable, they can also be worn on long wool dresses and cloth jackets. A compulsory match: boots and covering stockings.

Berets and headgear are also becoming fashionable again, as long as they match the chosen outfit; they’re an excellent addition to the coloured tricot gloves look.

Fabric is certainly the most important element in a dynamic wardrobe, it is comfortable; but as far as fashion and fashionable clothing goes a bigger stress has been given by the Maison of high couture to a more delicate kind of fabric, not excessively transparent; impalpable and precious, silk and satin above all for the warmer days and for the evenings.

The most popular fibers for winter clothing are the most refined and natural like cashmere, alpaca, angora and mohair, velvet, corduroy, the classic striped velvet, also cotton and linen.

Last but not least ecoskin and ecological fur coats, coloured and warm; used also as an extra or the edges of the dress, skirts and waistcoats, for a rock style.

Among the other fashionable accessories there are now also spacious handbags, shoppers, musketeer boots and those without heels, big scarfs, stoles and sunglasses worn together an urban-chic apparel.