Versace : Runway - Paris Fashion Week - Haute Couture S/S 2015Author: Giusy Ragni

Donatella Versace will take the leading role in the first haute couture evening in Paris with a rather peculiar collection.

Only moments after the fashion show she decalred: “You all have to come terms with it, technology is the new fashion, there’s no way around it. I’m very passionate about it, it conquered me, it overwhelms me. We just can’t pretend it doesn’t exist, that it isn’t deeply relevant now. I began seducing her with Verus fashion shows. Now I’ll shatter a taboo by bringing her on the haute couture catwalk”.

Donatella sets this special interpretation of technology using 3D intricate works intersecating and carving clothes and boots: they’re smiles, arrows and all the other symbols we often use in our instant messages on our smartphones, text messages that are now part of our everyday language.

The fashion show hosted many celebrities, epecially cinema’s.

Top models paraded with distinguished, windy, curved clothes, hemmed with silk piping, a triumph of asymmetrical and vuluptous structures, almost designed on the toned bodies of the models.

Versace’s rare artisan talent appears to have sculpted fabric in a crazy whirlwind of magical shapes held together by rigid glittering outlines, fabulous, majesting long dresses covered with micro embroideries achieved with small pearls and thin resin strands intertwined in what seems to be a spider web, an enchanting infinitesimal lace riveting with its sex-appeal.