Marina GaliatsatouAuthor: Ambra

Marina Galiatsatou was born in Athens but she lives in Florence where she studied at Polimoda, the notorious fashion academy.

She presented her graduate collection at Polimoda Fashion Show in June 2015, Alone Together, and the outfits from her collection are also featured on the website Not Just A Label( here are collected fashion masterpieces from young and talented designers with the aim to increase their popularity and help them grow in what they love to do as a job.

She was inspired by the photo of an iconic woman from Skodra, an Albanian village where Muslim people and Christians live together in harmony despite having a different culture.

She recreated the woman’s classic Muslim outerwear, the binish, trying also to replicate the idea of two different cultures starting from a common point: both the upper and the lower side af the coat start at the waist, narrow and figure-enhancing, but they develop in different directions at the neckline and at the bottom.

Marina makes fashion representative of our modern society that is becoming more and more a mix of different cultures, languages and traditions.

Her color palette has been inspired by images of bacteria’s reproduction stages: they can develop many new lives starting from one single point. This is the meaning of her collection’s name, Alone Together.
We love the collection’s destructured shirt, in bright coral: it has a minimal neckline but the schoolgirl uniform collar is found on a shoulder, with its round neckline opened on the sleeve.

Shoes are minimal, classic and masculine in total black.