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Changes your look in seconds and with a low budget. 50 shades of red (lipstick!) on the runway at #MilanFashionWeek and how bloggers and models wear it with their most wearable street outfits.

First, you want it matte.

Choose a mat red lipstick with a velvety and creamy luscious texture. Aww. Then, prep your lips with a concealer or lighter before applying the lipstick with a lip brush.

And, if you feel confident you can skip lip pencil and create a more natural make up. Last but not least, memento audere semper.

Be creative!

Red lipstick doesn’t automatically mean vintage and Marilyn Monroe or adding a color touch to your total black formal outfit. Bloggers at Milan Fashion Week wear stunning red lips with street style jackets and coats creating a fabulous “everyday glamour” you can easily add to your usual looks.

What about the perfect shade? D&G choose a velvety, glamourous burgundy/Merlot lipstick.

Wear it only if your skin is fair: apply a light foundation or CC cream with a touch of pink blush, use a lighter on your lip contour to get a “plumping” effect.

Missoni, inspired by Gauguin’s Polynesian women, prefers a coral shade you’ll love especially if you’re blonde – it gives instant glow to your face! Use a coral or peach blush in tone with your lip colour.

When wearing red shades of lipstick remember to keep your eye make up as light as you can: best using nude colors like taupe and then lash curler and a volumizing mascara.