haute couture françaiseAuthor: Ambra
Photo: http://percymode .com

Fashion “Made in Italy” is highly appreciated abroad: how many celebs wear on the red carpet Italian brands such as Valentino, Armani (from an Italian point of view, it’s very curious that celebrities such as Kim Kardashian call him “Georgio” Armani!), Prada, Fendi.

Obviously, Italy is not the only country capable of producing high quality, fashionable haute couture items. Let’s leave out for now American and English brands, but French maisons are known worldwide as fashion icons: Dior, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent are the most famous but think also of Givenchy, Cèline, Chloé and so on.

Now, I don’t want to start talking about style differences between Italian brands’ collections and French designers’ ones, because honestly I think nowadays fashion has sort of an “universal” language: I think it’s not the nationality of directors and creative to make their style, but it comes from a variety of inspirations that may come from the land in which they live as well as ideas and creations by other international fashion stylists.

On the other side, we notice that Italian maisons have always Italian artistic directors and\or main designers: except perhaps for Karl Lagerfeld who has made fashion history at Fendi.

Seems like “Made in Italy” brands want to be 100% Italian. Instead French maisons have often worked with Italian artistic directors, perhaps Parisian brands have a more “international” soul.

Antonio Marras from Sardinia, Italy has been Kenzo’s artistic director until the Parisian brand chose Humberto Leon and Carol Lim from the USA in summer 2011. Neither the new directors are from France as you can see!

Stefano Pilati from Italy too, has been YSL’s artistic director, creating for the French maison stunning collections.