elio_fiorucciAuthor: Ambra
Photo: http://www.ilsussidiario.net

Elio Fiorucci is a symbol of Italian fashion and he has been an ambassador for Expo2015 in Milan.

Fiorucci brought Italian quality fashion from the runways to “normal” women thanks to his brands’relatively low prices: we can see his awesome collection Baby Angel sold in Italian megastores Oviesse by Gruppo Coin.

Baby details such as big bows and cute prints are mixed with an urban mood in ultra-feminine Baby Angel outfits.

Elio Fiorucci was the pioneer of one of our must-have pieces, the stretch denim.When our mothers were young the fashion industries started to use a new fabric called Lycra and Fiorucci was one of the first designers to mix Lycra and denim together to create a new stretch fabric that could emphasize a woman’s figure.

Women of that age were becoming more and more confident with showing off their bodies as a symbol of their emancipation and willingness to have the same opportunities the male gender had.

Browsing on lovetherapy.it we see that since 2004 Fiorucci and his brand Love Therapy have made available to us a new collection of Ergonomic Sexy Jeans: they’re designed to enhance our figures re-shaping our curves.

That’s why we love him, right?
Love Therapy is a colorful and cheerful fashion brand suitable for young women.

Hello Elio.