moschino-cover-iphoneAuthor: Ambra

The precious case for your smartphone is nowadays a new way to express your style. it’s the only one accessory you use and wear from morning to late night, isn’t it?

Today fashion industry treats smartphone cases as a piece of prèt a porter. They may want to customize them with super-funny, crazy designs or make them sophisticated similar to the ones chosen for other accessories from the same collection.

The most feminine, ironic and funny iPhone covers you can find on the market are actually Moschino’s ones. Last year the brand made a capsule collection inspired by Barbie and launched an iPhone cover shaped like a retro mirror in bubblegum pink.

It’s very funny especially when you try to take that selfie on the go and it looks like you are admiring your perfect make-up in such a colorful mirror.

Other Moschino covers make your phone look like a bunny, a panda, a teddy bear, a bag of fries branded Mc Donald’s or ice cream and drinks.

Browsing on we loved the sophisticated covers by Liu-Jo, available for both iPhones and other smartphones, with the shiny logo of the brand or animalier patterns. Also, you can find on Amazon some pretty covers by Anna Sui, with 3D roses and crystals.

Last but not least, we almost died when we saw “out of stock” near to the amazing black iPhone cover by Juicy Couture, on the official website

We really loved that girly gold logoand hope it’s coming back soon!