British fashion designers - Italian maisonsAuthor: Ambra

In previous posts we talked about what could be the main difference between Italian maisons and the ones in France or in America, but we had to realize nowadays traveling and the Internet let the designers create universal trends: inspirations come from all around the world.

Today we talk about the most important British fashion designers and we try to put them in comparison with Italian ones, always keeping in mind what said above. We are going to take a look at collections from Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano and Stella McCartney for the season fall\winter 2015-2016.

John Galliano covered the runway with black: a feet-length maxi-coat worn with a minidress and a long scarf, some glamourous short dresses and super shiny cowgirl boots.

We love his lace-like patterns in grey, black and white: we can see them on mini dresses and short coats.

Stella McCartney too used lots of black: we love her ankle-length baggy trousers with the bright blue top (even if Granny said, never wear blue and black together!) Geometrical top and skinny trousers also are black. We would definitely wear her little black dresses with asymmetrical skirt: short in the front, long and loose-fitting in the back.

Those little dresses have an heart-shaped or asymmetrical neckline.

It looks like Italian maisons have used more pastels for the fall\winter 2015-2016 than the British ones did. Pastels are typically worn in spring but they are one of the main trends for this season. Stella McCartney only created a total white outfit with long, loose fitting shirt and trousers.

Vivienne Westwood’s fashion show is festive and creative like a Carnival party. She gave her outfits an androgynous look and used a palette of warm colors. We can see reinvented suits, tricots, flapper girl’s fringes, plaids.

Italian designers as said above used more pale colors and pastels for their creations this season. Giorgio Armani used light blue and a bright turquoise for dresses, shirts and jackets, while Dolce&Gabbana’s dresses are white or pale pink and you can read on them, “Ti voglio bene mamma\I love you mamma” (“I love you Mommy”).