Barbie-the-iconAuthor:  Ambra

At Mudec museum in Milan you can visit the exhibition “Barbie. The Icon” open until March 2016: it’s not just a nostalgic revival for all us girls who grew up playing with the iconic platinum blonde doll, but also an interesting documentation of fashion and costumes from the last 50 years: Barbie’s clothes, make up and body figure have been heavily influenced by fashion and different moods from the years she lived in.

Barbara Millicent Roberts, that’s her full name, has been dressed by several haute couture brands: for example Versace in 2004, or Jeremy Scott designer of Moschino, who brought on the runway some Barbie dolls with clothes from the brand.

Barbie in the years has made people talk and gossip about her as if she was a diva from the real world: when she first was released at the end of Fabulous Fifties, she was the first doll ever made with the body figure of a young woman and many people told her self-confident beauty was not suitable for an audience of children. Barbie is an independent woman and she has a boyfriend named Ken but she lives alone without marrying nor having children. So upon request of many parents were introduced on the market Barbie’s little sisters: Skipper, Stacie and Kelly.

She has had many jobs considered traditionally “for men”: she has also been an astronaut, in the years of the first Nasa studies that brought later to the exploration of the moon.