The printed fabrics 2016Author: K.Boni

Not only “fashionable and printed”, a real revolution in Western style is taking place on the runways these days, as showed by Dolce and Gabbana.

Male fantasies are no more a secret, at least in the fashion industry; men like printed clothes and they show it. Embroidered, precious and, above all, greatly inspired fabrics are at the centre of men’s haute couture conferring an international prestige to the defiles of Milano Moda Uomo showing the trends for next Winter.

Pilati has drawn inspiration from the patterned fabrics of Lanificio Zegna, and from the ornaments of the boxes created by the artist Riccardo Brey and exposed at the Biennale of Venezia. It is from here that extraordinary embroidery take their origins to ornate the shirts’ cuffs. Graphic modernity becomes also an indisputable protagonist, with touches of lurex, for a man who wants surely to break the rules and be non-conformist.

As we have written at the beginning, Dolce and Gabbana have introduced their Siciliam Western, and it is quite embarrassing to talk about printed cloths for you seem actually to wear the stage costumes of the protagonists of Western movies with the background music of Ennio Morricone: golden guns embroidered on velvet jackets, shoots of red roses and shirts with horseshoe prints.

This year the protagonists of printed fashion are “flowering shirts”, even men become romantic and allow the fair sex to know that they appreciate flowers, at least those “printed and worn” on their shirts, like the tulips bloomed during Spring and Summer. But there are also printed silk fabrics with the signs of the zodiac, that make us now immediately our affinity with a probable “prey”!

Should we worry about it? Are we nostalgic for the classic blue jacket? We can wear it as well and if we feel like a “fish out of water”, we could always have it redesigned, perhaps at a good price, by a creative talent who is able to make us appreciate the new trends of the fashion show …