Men's shirtsAuthor: K.Boni

He is the dressmaker of the moment, his name is Angelo Inglese and he is the “shirt-maker” for Checco Zalone’s movie “Quo Vado?”. So the classic style matching with all personalities is re-launched.

It’s a style suitable for all those who want to dress well even though they think of knowing little about fashion.

In many sectors there is a revival of tradition, and it’s the same for men’s shirts, thus the classic shirt re-designed in its details is conquering men and fascinating the women’s world. A beautiful shirt is often like a “visiting card” for the man who wears it and, depending on the occasion – work, leisure time, gala – specific characteristics are emphasized.

However, there is also a return to the “natural” style symbolized by natural denim shirts, where the fabric is treated with natural pigments to recreate an elegance that often was worn “only on the wedding day”.

As for details, while until recently the trend was that of “collarless shirts”, now it seems that the so-called “Capri collar” is more fashionable, and even more sophisticated, like the one worn once by those gentlemen who attended the homonym club, a type of shirt that can be worn with or without tie. And the production of it requires a sartorial process lasting a whole day.

Men are preferring custom-tailored shirts again, re-discovering the pleasure of the “flower in the buttonhole”, not a real carnation, but a crochet-made one.

Surely “luxury” remains a personal choice, but here other notions are evoked such as those related to passion, study, ethics, so that now an increasing number of men are searching for the excellence though arising from the concept of value for money.

Men are wearing shirts again and their request is increasing, thus Il Granchio has also announced of expanding its license pool, and increasing its production and distribution of shirts.

Even Pitti Immagine Uomo has made fashion enthusiasts, and not only, open their eyes wide and, based on the data spread by the observatory of Pitti Immagine, Pitti Uomo 89 has proclaimed the key role of tailoring and shirt factory with a growth of 1,8% in 2016.