Organic ClothesAuthor:  Emanuela L.

The eco fashion industry is still new in Italy though it is starting to attract the interest of some small enterprises of bio clothing. These have started to answer the needs of consumers interested in wearing fabrics realized with materials created without the use of chemical substances and, in case of materials deriving from the animal world, obtained with sustainable and ethic methods.

Testimonial of this new industry that is a sort of revolution in the field of fashion is the small enterprises Terra Madre & Co, operating in Massa Marittima, in the province of Grosseto, that has decided some years ago to pass to manufacturing of bio clothing. After several years of research, the company has felt the need to guarantee an ethic and sustainable production with the aim to respect not only the environment but also its consumers, with a special attention to children.

The ecological and social sustainability represent the founding values on which the activity of Terra Madre & Co. is based, as well as of other realities that choose the way of eco clothing.

Besides being based on natural, ethic and sustainable methods of production, special attention is paid to the materials, even of animal origin, as in the case of silk. Among the ecological fabrics employed in this sector, those of animal origin are also based on the same principle of ethics, such as the Ahimsa silk, used by the Tuscan company Terra Madre & Co and obtained in a non-violent way, that is without the murdering of silkworms.

The same company, testimonial of eco fashion in Italy, uses also alpaca wool and nettle and hemp fibers, as well as cotton obviously produced with biodynamic agriculture.