TieAuthor:  Emanuela L.
Photo: www.cylex.it

Among the tie models on the market today, besides the classic model in silk, there are several other models in different fabrics, from linen to cashmere. Great importance is played by the seam on which is based the quality of every tie for the true luxury, as in every field, consists in the details.

When we speak about quality, the lettering 100% referred to the fabric used to realize any item of clothing represents a prominent element and this is true also for ties. Actually, it is very improbable that a tie is produced by using a single material. The second soul with which this accessory is almost always produced is cotton.

The exception to the rule in this field is the “seven fold” tie, a true masterpiece in the world of men’s fashion accessories entirely realized in silk. But what truly characterizes it is the type of production. The starting point is a big square of the same fabric that will be folded seven times giving birth to a top tie. The “seven fold” tie is endowed with a single soul because it does not need another internal one to give more volume and support.

Among the other materials that give their contribution to the men’s symbol of elegance, style and refinement, there are wool and jersey. The current trends reward especially the latter that results particularly adaptable on any occasion.

The man who chooses a tie in jersey for more formal occasions (business meeting or gala) can count on dark nuances (from blue to black) matching it to a grey suit or a total white shirt.