sabo roma jewelryAuthor:  Emanuela L.

Among the fashion accessories the female public most loved, bijoux cannot be forgotten. In April, and particularly from the 16th to the 18th, at the Fiera di Roma an event took place dedicated exclusively to precious stones, pearls, earrings and other accessories, even original costume jewelry. The occasion to show the last trends and provide new creative ideas in view of the next collections was given by Sabo Roma Jewelry.

During the three Roman days devoted to the last trends in the field of jewels the focus was on the collections that will prevail in Summer, but also the trends for next year.

The true innovation was represented by the customization of jewels which leads them inevitably to become unique pieces so acquiring a higher value. Flowers, romantic icons and pale colors gave way to stronger shades and extraordinary applications, so providing a touch of modernity to the precious items and dismissing triviality. Surely, the imperative was the experimentation on new fashion accessories in order to adapt rings and bracelets to every occasion and any look.

As it emerged during the event occurred at the Fiera di Roma, next season will be dominated by geometric lines applied to rings and bracelets, but also by the contamination of materials that would represent an innovation for the season 2016-2017. In this sense, there would be a mix of precious materials like gold and silver that will be combined to “poorer” materials such as wood, bone and ceramic, all aimed at creating a final stylistic effect that would be definitely at the forefront.