Milan vintage weekAuthor:  Emanuela L.

Who said that vintage is no more fashionable? Milano confirms the opposite, as showed at the manifestation concluded last 17th of April, 2016, where three days were dedicated at Milano Vintage Week.

After the Fall session, the manifestation was renewed in Spring translating into an occasion that could not be missed and where past represented the starting point for many present and future projects in the field of fashion.

During Milano Vintage Week the interest was focused on the exhibition and selling of accurately selected clothing items characterized by quality and style. Protagonists of the three days devoted to the retro style were a series of accessories loved by the female (and not only) public: bags, purses, shoes, but also carts, headbands, accessories for the wardrobe and the house, all almost hard to find.

The event took place from the 15th to the 17th of April in Via Piranesi in the capital of fashion, and summoned a very large and varied public: from the housewife to the student, passing through the experts and the most famous names of the fashion field, but there were also many tourists. On the eve of the event, Andrea Franchi, one of the creators of the manifestation, affirmed the aim of Milano Vintage Week, explaining that, “Our ambition is to become a point of reference for all the enthusiasts and the insiders, for everything starts from the past.”

The upstream selection has characterized the items put on sale, so satisfying till the end the needs of the public interested in fashion and who want to remain fashionable thanks to a perfect mix of past and present.