pareoAuthor:  Elisa C.

Oh summer, with that harassing warm that manages to make us have only fixed idea of a great vacation, with sun, beach, swimsuit and… beach robe!

The sarong, an item of clothing which now men and women wear as a skirt or a whole dress, is one of the most well-know beach robes for summer 2016.

It starts to spread in the world thanks to the cinema in the fifties with the exotic films.

The sarong has in fact a Polynesian origin, it used to indicate by the term “pareu” the skirt and men think that the modern word is an effect of an error of the first explorers.

Light, bright, takes up little space … all excellent reasons because a woman can always carry it in the suitcase.

There are a lot of types of fabric and the fashion colors for this year are the vibrant and intense graphic prints, accompanied by warm and tropical colors or black and white combinations.

But anyway you do never forget the animalier prints, with a preference on the figures of animals contained completely; a sarong with butterfly, for example, is a great choice for all those women who love to wear it.

If you choose instead a multicolor costume is better to opt for a sarong not too showy, to avoid an excessively gaudy look.

There are lots of ways to tie it (or possibly untie if you want to do a splash in the water) and as a result many are the results that can be achieved: an entire dress, one shoulder, a simple skirt…

It only takes a little bit of fantasy, the touch of an expert hand and… the game, or the sarong , is done!