detox-my-fashionAuthor:  Emanuela L.

Even the fashion branch becomes green, demonstrating over the years its proximity to environmental problems that tend to have weight even in the textile industries. For this reason from 2011 Greenpeace launched the campaign Detox my fashion, designed to encourage a free fashion from toxic substances. The goal is to bring in the coming years to the total elimination of all harmful substances used in the production process of the clothes.

The non-governmental organization, that has always been careful to the environmental issues, said that for decades the textile industries have used the courses of water in the world as real open-air dumps, partly because of inadequate laws and regulations in this regard. This helped over the years to enormous environmental consequences and not only that. For this reason, the fight against pollution of the waters by the fashion industry has become one of the major priority for Greenpeace, especially in countries around the world as China, where there is no drinking water.

In recent years, however, have registered the first significant results, with the acceptance to the campaign Detox by major fashion brands -76 throughout the world- and that led to the first changes including legislative measures, in Europe and in Asia.

As part of the third edition of Parade Detox, Greenpeace published the rank of the big fashion brands that have kept faith with the commitments made under the campaign designed to eliminate toxic substances from manufacturing processes. Among the major participating brands, the best were Benetton, Zara and H&M defined not by chance “cutting-edge brands”. The head of the Greenpeace toxics campaign Italy, Giuseppe Ungherese, speaking of the three brands mentioned above stressed that the same are “driving the entire industry and setting a new global standard.”

To not make a good impression, however, were trademarks of the caliber of Esprit, Nike, Victoria’s Secret and LiNing, under the category “Hinder” because to this day they haven’t do the steps necessary to prevent pollution due to chemicals generated by their industries.

The call to join the campaign against the use of toxic substances is of course aimed at all major Italian brands and not just for them, for a fashion greener taking into account the environment in which we live.