jeans-italdenimAuthor:  Emanuela L.

For some time, the eco-fashion has started to have also in our country more and more weight progressively to a large number of Italian brand oriented to a way of producing and creating fashion that can be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Of the same opinion it seems to be Luigi Caccia, famous name in the field of jeans production as president of Italdenim, a company in the province of Milan specialized in the production of fabric for jeans. Its intent is to be 100% sustainable, but to do this he knows that reduce carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption and water may not be enough.

The opportunity for Caccia arrives in 2013, after taking part in a manufacturing convention in Como, during which it learned of the existence of a patented process that was used to obtain the cashmere without the use of chemicals. “I thought it could work for us and so I developed an ad-hoc technical with that system,” explained the entrepreneur. From here it was born a fabric of total green jeans but mostly Made in Italy.

To allow the creation of an ecological jeans is the chitosan, a fixer of natural origin which is obtained from residues of crustaceans and which is an excellent substitute to the chemicalproducts used so far. On cotton, therefore, there will be no longer the presence of acrylic resins and heavy metals to be eliminated by washings long as the chitosan does not need thereof. This leads to a completely eco-friendly product as it minimizes the consumption of water (something of a major percentage of approximately 80% less than typical denim) and therefore are not generated discharge highly liquid pollutants.

In addition to adhering to a eco-fashion project, Luigi Caccia’s jeans looks much softer to the touch than traditional denim treated with chemicals which are often irritating. The Lombard entrepreneur’s company does a lot more: in addition to the tissues also uses colors made in branch and without idrosolfiti or preserved.