fashion-tecnologyAuthor:  Emanuela L.

The fashion world in recent years has gone toward a decisive evolution thanks to the revolution introduced by technology. The fashion companies have had to deal with a new reality represented by the advent of e-commerce and now the fashion app represent a new change to be reckoned with. Through fashion app downloadable on own electronic devices (smartphone, tablet or phablet) and in most cases completely free of charge, has increased shopping realized in a completely innovative also on the move.

There are plenty of fashion app that have spread in recent times, for example Glix, through which it is possible to purchase an item of clothing or even a fashion accessory of a local brand that is unlikely to be distributed in our area.

Another possibility for fashion fans – and in this case recycling – is represented by the app Depop, designed for those who want to buy or sell second-hand item of clothing directly from the wardrobe of the person who has decided to discard it.

Even more bizarre apps like Asap54 and Snapfashion that allow buying clothes being worn by a passerby accidentally met on the street and that welled your curiosity. How can you proceed in this case? It’s simple: just take a picture of the garment worn by the passer and as a kind of fashion Shazam thanks to the app you will be redirected to the brand names that sell that particular item of clothing, with the ability to access the site and proceed as well to the actual purchase.