fatto-a-manoAuthor:  Emanuela L.
Photo: www.colorivivacimagazine.com

The region Puglia became the theatre of an interesting event, which took place in Ostuni last 18th of June. The zero edition of #FATTOAMANO – La moda Made in Italy has combined the tradition of those magic places surrounded by centuries-old olive trees, agriculture and, obviously, fashion. The event has, thus, combined distant traditions with the latest fashion creations, totally Italian, in all their aspects from the yarn to the manufacture with ancient looms used following a craftsmanship transmitted from generation to generation.

The true protagonist of #FATTOAMANO was Rione Carducci, an Italian fashion company working in the field of precious yarns signed by the famous Daniela Gallo Ricci, a designer from Siena who has recently been  to London (from 14 to 16 February) to present her men and women collections for Winter season in the section Premium. Since 2002 she has been an extraordinary example of an elegance capable of seducing the women of Roman jet-set looking at the past and tradition but without overlooking innovation. And not only: her creations have been used in the world of theatre and cinema travelling all around the world, from the best boutiques in Italy to those of the whole Europe and Asia.

Her last innovative clothing line – a totally knitted clothing line – has been realized with precious Italian yarns made by using artisan looms and machines. In this way, Daniela Gallo Ricci has given life to a total look capable of replacing the usual rigidity of classic textile and giving to women a new sensorial experience“that caresses their bodies but also their souls.”

#FATTOAMANO – La moda Made in Italy revealed to be a further occasion to present Italian fashion to the rest of the world through names as that of Daniela Gallo Ricci on the background of the splendid territory of Puglia with its local wines, the enchanting nature and centuries-old olive trees.