raffaela-dangelo-burkiniAuthor:  Emanuela L.
Photo: Ansa.it

The Milan Fashion Week 2016 gave space to new beachwear collections 2017 which boast the signatures of Pin-Up Stars, Fisico and Raffaella D’Angelo. The trends for the upcoming summer season on the beach fashion 2017 are very interesting and show off colors and unique atmospheres, with a look to other cultures and the reinterpretation of an Islamic item of clothing, burkinis, that last season has done much to discuss particular in France.

The mark Pin Up Stars about the fashion beachwear 2017 proposes a garment made by the same creator, the Italian-American designer Jerry Tommolini, and focused on the uniqueness and innovation. It is a item of Made in Italy quality craftsmanship enormous but that does not renounce to a sexy and elegant style intended for women who want to stand in the look by putting on display their sensual personality.

The style stressed by Pin Up Stars, whose name is inspired precisely the girls usually provocative, winking and smiling widely in American magazines in the period of World War II, takes on an ironic tone intention to show all the beauty of Italy.

The setting chosen by the brand Body refers in all respects to Brazil: colors, prints, emotion and physicality recall the joy and typical Brazilian atmospheres. At the Milan Fashion Week we were presented the next collections based on a mix of colors and ruches on clothes in natural fabrics with an explicit reference to Brazil. The true must for next summer is represented by leggings and bikini with Swarovski. A collection inspired by an optimistic woman, as the colors used: yellow, green, deep blue, purple, ecru and orange.

Last news emerged from the Milan fashion week is one that transpires from the new collections Raffaella D’Angelo that the runway has brought a modern collection and at the same time based on tradition. It is totally Made in Italy clothes, unique, sensual and daring. About the colors used, the variety is visible: pink, green, white, orange. Another feature is the floral theme that encompasses all the romantic soul of the designer.

The must of the new beachwear collection 2017 is represented by burkinis,made of soft stretch fabric similar to that used for classic swimwear. It is a item of clothing that leads the Italian tastes while respecting the culture of the women who will wear. The final effect will be very sensual: legs and arms covered, but the face in full view. For a sensuality that is not necessarily synonymous with physicality.