elisabetta-franchiAuthor:  Emanuela L.
Photo: fashionweekonline.com

Increasingly often fashion brands aiming to the realization of leaders focused more and more on the personality of the wearer. The same has decided to make the Italian designer Elisabetta Franchi at the presentation of the collection for the Spring/Summer season 2017. Everything is inspired by the “power woman” 80s immortalized by the photographer Helmut Newton. Its items of clothing, therefore, exude feminine yet strong, denoting such a great personality in the wearer.

For this reason, Elisabetta Franchi has created the provocative clothing and with naughty notes than good alternate with items with male traits. In relation the most feminine part, this is characterized by both long and short dresses with a fluid silhouette, elegant long dress embellished with laminated surfaces, passing through stunning dress with daring slits and necklines that leave little to the imagination.

These items of clothing are flanked full androgens that give way to a look that seems to draw inspiration from the male wardrobe. In this sense, there will be long jackets with masculine traits than good match in tight pants. And again, bodysuits, bustiers and micro top go to pair with soft skirts or pants mermaid slim cut.

The nuances which on focuses more Elisabetta Franchi prefer particularly discrete shades, thus remaining on the beige, white and nude. These colors match bolder tones such as gold and green.

On the tissue level, the Italian designer has taken into his new Spring/Summer season 2017 wide variety ranging from silk, passing through the mesh, but without neglecting the skin, wool, denim and cotton. These tissues are additional inserts of fur, sequins and rhinestones and processing network that Elisabetta Franchi has used on several items.

On the catwalks, the models dressed by Elisabetta Franchi also sported the inevitable fashion accessories to complement the look described above. It is bold earrings embellished with rhinestones. On the other hand, footwear stand out décolletés enriched with glitter and stylish sandals that are characterized by the massive heels, to match (and counter) to mini shoulder bags with chain.