stellajeanforbenettonAuthor:  Emanuela L.

The famous fashion brand United Colors of Benetton, has taken an important step in its history because, for the first time, it has created a capsule collection made in collaboration with an external designer. An important step and for it there couldn’t be any name, but the name of a fashion designer Stella Jean.

After having distinguished herself in 2011 by winning the prestigious competition “Who Is On Next?” realized by Altamoda and Vogue Italy, the Italian-Haitian Stella Jean has always espoused the idea of a Creole beauty in which she found her natural habitat, the perfect mix of high fashion and craftsmanship. Especially appreciated for her colorful style, her creations don’t miss an ethical touch, cast the glamor and folk for original but always feminine garments.

For Benetton, Stella Jean has created a collection that is inspired by the Navajo style and combining it also the strong social commitment, shared also by the famous Benetton brand. What can we expect from this collaboration? Coats, sweaters, dresses, skirts all in knitted style, enriched by ethno-folk decorations and flanked by the inevitable accessories. The strength of the collection will be exactly these one, created in collaboration with some local artisans. “The bracelets and charms have been produced in Haiti by women which normally work whit me for my creations. The bags, however, were made in Ethiopia”, she revealed the designer.

Special care, the designer has finally reserved also to American Indians, “a people captive in their own home”, to whom she dedicated patterns and prints inspired mainly to Yeii culture, spirit guides.

The collaboration between Benetton and Stella Jean, therefore, takes the form of an invitation to happiness but also the union of styles, traditions, different cultures and minorities, all in the name of respect.