blahnik-rihannaAuthor: Emanuela L.

The singer, actress and model Rihanna, for some time has now thrown headlong into the world of fashion. Her great commitment to the note signed shows it, Manolo Blahnik, specialized in the manufacture of footwear intended for a female audience. After her first collaboration with the fashion house taken place last March, this time Rihanna is back with a second collection for the same brand.

It’s called Savage Collection and partly sums up the style of Rihanna. The debut took place on 16 November and the new collection for Manolo Blahnik only includes winter boots. The patterns are bold and details, such as Dominique characterized by an important horse brocade stilettos, black in color and which is characterized essentially by the floral pattern.

Among the collection that boasts the signing of Rihanna, also Alexis, laced boots feature a fur edging. Completing the Savage Collection the Fallon, which refer to the first Timberland boots made by Manolo Blahnik back in 1994. The latter style, specifically, would represent a fairly clear tribute to her colleague Jennifer Lopez. J.Lo, in fact, wore this model of boots in the early 2000. But it is said that behind this choice there is the decision to Rihanna to reveal an affection made known to each other: in fact, at the same Jennifer Lopez of establishing your own music video chose to wear just the latest creation of links for Manolo.

They await further details on the prices that will have the Rihanna boots made for Manolo Blahnik considering the cost that had its first collection of shoes and that oscillated between 895 and almost $ 4,000.