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For many years the bow tie has been considered the symbol of masculine elegance par excellence. Flaunted with suit or formal dress, in recent years had become one of the favorite accessories of the hipster.

Forgotten by the designers for many decades, in recent times the bow tie or necktie is back in fashion. Indeed, let’s face it, it has become a real obsession for all the experts and fashion bloggers. Movie and music stars began to flaunt them on several occasions by throwing them in the Hall of the coolest accessories for men of the moment.

If you too have always wanted to wear the bow tie, but you haven’t ever done for fear of being mistaken for hipster or being judged too nerdy, or just because you don’t know how and when to wear it, then, this is the right post for you.

Here we will explain definitively how to wear and especially when you have to wearing the bow tie.

How to wear the bow tie?

The first thing you need to know is that the bow tie, like the tie, must be worn with the shirt. If you have to wear it for an elegant occasion, then, the white shirt is a must. For a more casual look, however, you can opt for a plain or patterned shirt.

They are then worn on the shirt – depending on the occasion – or a jacket or a sweater. The fashionable and brave people can choose to match patterned on patterned, or rather, patterned bow tie on patterned shirt. For a more sober look better to alternate plain and fantasy.

When do you have to wear a bow tie?

When you want. There is no need to cut through a red carpet or attend some ceremony to wear a bow tie. The necktie can be worn even every day to make it fun and funky casual and sporty look. But you have to remember, each event has its own dress code, with its rules, that must be respected to avoid making a bad impression.