accessories for man Author:  Elisa

Trendy accessories for man for the spring-summer 2017? Fashion designers are all agreed, the fanny pack and the slipper sandals represent real must-have for next season.

The watchword of the latest man fashion shows seems to have been: practicality.

Practicality, yes, but with style and then, behold, these two comfortable men’s accessories have been cleared by leading world designers thanks to the research of materials and shapes that decorate and update them.

The fanny pack must be strictly in leather with refined and precious details. Ferragamo offers its own version of the oversized fanny pack, to contain smartphone, wallet, address book and necessaire for ever be perfect.

For footwear, fashion designers have looked instead at home, drawing inspiration from the room slippers. The slipper sandals (You can like them or not) are a must among the trendy accessories for man for the spring-summer 2017.

And speaking of revival, on the latest catwalks also suspenders made their reappearance. With their retrò character, they’re immediately trend. They can be worn both tone on tone both in contrast.

Among the designers who have proposed them in Men’s Spring Summer 2017 collections are Armani and Ferragamo.

Inevitable of course when it comes to trendy accessories for man, manhat. The man Spring Summer 2017 collections have proposed hats in all variations, from those Texans to hats with a wide brim, up to sports caps and hats classic for fisherman.

To summarize, from the latest shows we got many opportunities in terms of men’s accessories trends for spring-summer 2017 with the rediscovery first of the fanny pack and then the novelty represented by sandal slipper.