Sfilata Prada 2017Author:  Emanuela L.
Photo: http://www.stylosophy.it

Among the most waited fashion shows of the Milan Fashion Week 2017, the one of Prada was certainly the most surprising for the issues and the proposed style. The new Fall/Winter 2017-2018 collection signed Prada has had all the flavor of femininity and seduction but also of feminism. The questions that the same creative director of the company asked to herself were focused on women’s needs today: are they the same as 50 years ago? And again: is their starting point the physical aspect? And what role have the personality and intelligence?

It isn’t a coincidence if the collection presented by Prada during Milan Fashion Week 2017 is titled “City of Women”, understandable recall to the namesake Fellini’s film of 1980 which contains a strong critique of feminism. The famous brand fashion show, however, has given space also to the memory of the feminist movement struggles with a clear allusion to those of today and which saw the fairer sex take sides against the new president of the United States, Donald Trump.

On Milan catwalks we have so seen splurge bras but also parka from super colored and hairy cap. Prada models presented the new collection by walking along an S path, in a basic environment of lamps vintage, Polaroid and posters on the walls.

Prada gave a display of all the elements and the faces of womanhood, in every period: from Flapper Girls in the ’20s, with their tight-fitting dresses characterized by feathers and fringes, through the hippies with beautiful bras on show decorated with shells, up to the seductive pin up with faces and figures of the “femme fatales” drawn on silk dresses, skirts and tops.

Femininity and contradiction were the key elements identified by the Prada fashion show. To the hard tissues the fashion brand has matched frivolous prints. We so admired wool scarves and crocheted bikinis but also oversized pants tight at the waist with colored belts, sandals with feathers, hiking boots covered with thick fur, embroidery and fringes. To make even more sense of feminine seduction message, Prada has often applied to their items of clothing feathers, sequins and bras giving a feminist message and demonstrating how the idea of beauty that every woman has of herself is in fact closely molded to male desire.