Byblos Milano - Runway - Milan Fashion Week SS17Author: Emanuela Longo

Every year has its trendy colour and for this 2017 you are not sufficiently trend if in your wardrobe there aren’t even an item of clothing in the colour of turmeric! Used as a spice of a thousand beneficial properties, turmeric has become a real fashion not only in cooking but also on the catwalk, depopulated in all areas.

The yellow nuance seems to be very well appreciated in the course of the shows that have anticipated the latest trends for spring-summer season 2017, confirming its position as colour trends and must-have of the year (and at least until next winter, with pace of lovers of Greenery).

The only question that yellow turmeric advances certainly has to do with the most well-chosen combinations to be attached to this particular and never dull nuance. In the meanwhile, this colour that stands halfway between the yellow and orange is good just to all. You only need to calibrate well the “temperature” according to your colour: for people with black hair, therefore, is recommended to be based on a warmer tone, unlike people with blond hair who should choose those colder. Rule that applies not only to every day looks and for evening outfits but also for accessories, up to shoes.

With regard to combinations, the colour of the year can be combined without any major problems. Monochrome looks will certainly have a great effect, not to mention the overlays of colour. Perfect the combination of yellow turmeric and black, but also brown and khaki. For a summer look, better to choose the contrast matching it to green or blue, as well as turquoise, violet up to fuchsia. Space then to creativity and the play of colours that are well suited to a nuance between yellow and orange.