Tie even out of officeAuthor:  Elisa

The tie can also be worn outside the office, you just have to know how to choose and learn about the latest trends ties. Male accessory par excellence, the tie should not be worn only in formal or elegant contexts, or at least that’s the message that the men’s high fashion designers seems to have wanted to launch in recent years.

For some years, in fact, on the men’s fashion runways tie was cleared, no longer relegated to work clothes or formal, it is on of colors and patterns, changed shape and structure without losing its charm and its refinement.

Even in its updated version, the tie is still an accessory by indisputable charm and glamor, capable of giving character and personality to put more anonymous.

Let’s see, then, what are the latest trends in ties and how to wear them outside of the office.

Let’s start from the fantasies. The latest trends suggest ties with discrete patterns like small dots, thin lines on a dark background or micropatterns with iridescent fabric. For people who don’t like fantasies don’t worry, the latest fashion trends also give the green light to the solid winking at evergreen “navy blue” or vat of tone herringbone pattern.

As for fabrics, according to the latest trends ties should be strictly in silk or gauze bourette as those proposed by Bigi Ties Milan. No wool.

The recommended colors for spring and summer 2017 are the clear ones of the earth as beige, burnt and – as mentioned above – the blue.

The shape of the tie is rethought and for those who dare over at the timeless regimental, can opt for a narrow and shiny tie, up 6-7 cm, trendy and extremely glamorous. For a more casual style, you can choose from a wide unlined tie with hand rim 8 cm.