Tessuto-tecnoAuthor: Emanuela Longo
Photo: http://www.tgcom24.mediaset.it

Among the novelties of the spring season 2017, stands a new very fashionable fabric especially in women’s fashions: the techno-fabric .From classic skirts, to those in crease or bell-shaped, passing through the super stretch model, up to the pants in different styles: the common element remains the light that these items of clothing emanate.

The techno and composite fabrics have become increasingly important thanks to their elegance and their never being too rigid because of the natural light fibers of which they are composed.

Not only skirts and trousers, but also shoes are involved from the typical shine and reflective effects that only this material can offer, enveloping various items of clothing not only of elegance but also of seduction.

Colours chosen by many designers for Spring Season 2017 as the old pink and blue, were quickly overwhelmed by the classic lighting effect that can be noticed even at a great distance for an effect anything but discreet. The resulting look is clearly eccentric and not suitable for all women. Strong personalities, however, will enjoy a moment of undeniable celebrity. It’s not just a question of size but of style.

Among the trendy clothes that base their strength on the techno-fabric we mention the classic gray metallised jackets , perhaps enriched by strips to the edges golden or silver. To wear them the right way, you must also give weight to the combination – fabrics, accessories and colours – compared to the laminate you want to dress.

To avoid making mistakes of style, the advice is to buy clothes to match, that can also feel comfortable to whoever wears them, provided that they are strictly shiny fabric. Better to focus on the light pink to the classic and outdated black to be able to provide original and not at all trivial outfits.