fashion-winter-2018Author: Emanuela Longo

In view of the new Fall – Winter season 2018 are you already thinking about the dark and gloomy nuance that might sadden even more depressing rainy days? The cold season, from the point of view of fashion, won’t be necessarily characterized by the same mood weather. Go ahead then to the colours and to a variety of bright shades that will make lively the fashion of the season!

To wipe out the “flatness” of black and white, true classics in the cold season, the most varied colours will think of stealing the show, as demonstrated by the advances of the shows for the coming Fall / Winter collections 2017-2018. For the cold season, then, we will see a Technicolor fashion in the name of colour therapy.

All seem to follow the same common thread already seen in the previous warm season, when the mistress were the shades of red – from pink to fuchsia -, green, to yellow and blue. There won’t be, however, certainly delicate shades or pastel tones, but rather lively with surprising news that will replace the classics of the season.

The blue, therefore, will take the place of the usual black as well as the leather will be replaced instead by the new camel. Ample space to grey primarily used for a more formal masculine look. The colours of the next fall and winter will be declined not only on coats and dresses but also on accessories, since red is a candidate to be the first trend colour for next season.