fashion man 50Author: Emanuela Longo

The legendary 50s, with their vintage style, will return trendy overwhelming by style and elegance men’s fashion with their timeless charm. Rebirth symbol par excellence, this decade is of great importance also on the fashion floor where the changes are evident.

The hand-sewn clothes start to decline giving way to ready-to-wear launched on the market by the Fontana Sisters. In terms of masculine style, the Dandy d’annunziano of the beginning of the century or the Gagà napoletano dominates, for which hat and suit should never miss. In this period there are two styles and dress codes: one is elegant, the other is a guy with the nail skin.

Today, the 50s style back in vogue again. The vintage look finds a prominent place combined with the glint of hair oil just to make a lonely breakfast. Every moment of the day in that decade had a very specific clothing. And so, at a barbecue the man wore the polo shirt paired with long, baggy pants or Bermuda shorts. The elegant dress was preferred to go to work but also to the cinema, preferably gray.

The style that is proposed again today, therefore, is the one of the film stars like Marlon Brando and Cary Grant and that includes the inevitable matching hat, shirt, jacket and tie, in a sign of masculine elegance at all costs.

However at the same time, those who return to dominate the fashion shows of today are also the years of Levi’s and All Stars, as well as the white t-shirt, the tight blue jeans and the inevitable skin nail in perfect style Happy Days or also in Genoa oversize fabric that so impassioned today’s designers, enough to revive numerous collections on the catwalks Spring Summer 2017 men’s fashion.