miss_babyAuthor: Emanuela Longo
Photo: Tiburno.Tv

The fashion world has changed, and even though the girls have played for years an increasingly important role, today the scene that comes out may look really clamorous. Not only fashion shows, but also beauty contests, advertisement and, after the advent of social, also Instagram. Here’s how a beautiful little girl, if managed properly, can really become a veritable gold mine. This is what emerges from a complaint book published Fandango and written by Flavia Piccinni with the emblematic title: “Very beautiful. Baby Miss, young models and aspiring Lolitas“.

If in Italy they seem to be just landed, actually in America beauty contests with little girls as protagonists have become a tradition, a real phenomenon already inserted at least a decade ago. Enough to have made a successful reality show titled Toddlers & Tiaras and that shows what happens backstage at fashion shows which often are real fights between parents more than between girls. But what is instead our reality?

This is illustrated perfectly by the author of the book thought to reflect on this incredible reality where not only girls but also boys as young as two years are dragged from their mothers on mini catwalk to be photographed and admired. Their mothers are the most ambitious and competitive, to whom in the book is dedicated a large section with shock interviews. When they are just four years, the children are brought to the beautician and to the hairdresser and then get them to participate in the casting also on the other side of the boot. And so mothers are transformed quickly into real managers even if, deep down, they want for themselves all that success that instead seek to conquer with tooth and nail for their babies.

Then there are the interviews made to the most tiny, with all the same answers, almost standardized, which give an idea of how they are handled and oriented by their mothers.

But while in fashion there is also space for the boys, the parades are still a world reserved exclusively for girls. Adult in miniature complete with hair and makeup, parading giving their viewers poses and alluring looks that little suit to their tender age to the point of creating hype and despair. But what is the value of this business? For Piccinni is a space of 2.7 billion euro. The question however is another: is it really worth while at he expense of the childhood of these baby models?