dreamers-torino1Author: Emanuela Longo
Photo: www.dreamerstorino.it

What’s really behind the glossy covers which show items of fine clothing? This is a question that originates from Turin where, during the last period, increasingly depends on an intelligent fashion, of research, to discover the true value of beautiful and well-done things. A fashion that allows to dream in a big style for the future without forgetting the enormous importance of tradition. That ‘s what’ s behind the event “Dreamers” designed by Ludovica Gallo Orsi and Barbara Casalaspro.

In autumn we celebrate the second edition of the event which sees also this year the collaboration with the Operae design festival, as part of a project which wants essentially to give the city of Turin an important role in the fashion industry. The project aims all about training, with a number of workshops and talks which will rattle of during the year and that will involve not only international guests but also a diverse audience of all ages.

Gallo Orsi explains how important it is, from an early age, a recovery in the value of what we wear and, therefore, we put on. This also means taking care of the things we own, keep and above all understand what is the work behind every item we buy. Here, the concept of disposable fails. There is no mention of the t-shirts we buy for a few Euros and that after a few days we have left in the cabinet bottom. The sense of the event is therefore the re-education to become attached to things.

In the fashion of research proposed in Turin, therefore, also the time amount from the market for the production of garments can change. Here, there is plenty of time for thinking and the feeling even get to “no seasons.” There is anxiety about chasing fads, the latest collections that set trends. Because past and present blend perfectly thanks to experimentation between new and old, going over and then come to the realization of unique pieces and small series. And that is how you fight regaining the approval at the same time what you wear.

The concept of sustainability comes back, then, a different concept of fashion and that encourages us to reflect on what we use rather than what we consume.

During the event in Turin there will also be space for workshops for adults and children, one that will be based on the theme of the shoes in collaboration with Ferragamo. Space then to the fairgrounds that will allow exhibitors to sell their creations to the public and visitors to discover new talents in independent fashion.