moda-juniorAuthor: Emanuela Longo

An exponential growth in children’s fashion, since few years ago it is no longer a novelty. The little ones have shown in recent times that they have developed an increasingly distinct taste and this also thanks to the network. What does this mean? In particular the social media allowed an increase in the production of items directed to junior fashion which, through their massive use even by very young, have helped to launch new incentives. In the first check Instagram line on all, where lurk the many brands of luxury end representing at the same time also increased business opportunities.

Fabiola Banfi from Asset Management confirmed the new positive trend in the setting of junior fashion, Asset Magnagement which is a company founded in 2009 that deals with wealth management. Banfi has been able to see how this market can allow investments with high potential to offer to its customers. Suffice it to say that only the global apparel segment in the range 0-12 by 2024 will rise to a total value of around 300 billion dollars.

In the future, the markets that will drive the most successful children’s fashion will be especially those in Asia-Pacific where there is great attention to fashion for children. Also notable growth, in the same markets, the luxury segment increasingly attractive to a generation of parents with high education level and characterized by a limited number of children. Their want in fact them to dress in high quality products and famous trademarks.

With regard to the Italian market, exports especially generates the best results in this direction with a steady growth of 4.4%. Sales in foreign countries still represent a small slice of the large business in children’s fashion made in Italy, but its growth potentiality is high, to say the least.

With regard to the distribution of fashion to children, finally, this is taking root mainly in retail stores and online. The network, therefore, in this sense back to play an important role and a channel that must be cultivated over time.