rosso-tendenze-colori-di-moda2017-2018Author: Emanuela Longo

Red like love and passion, but also as the items of clothing that we will wear in this new fall season. This will be the colour that will win in the Fall season 2017. Red has already conquered the fashion designers, many of whom have also decided to adopt it for amazing total looks, from head to toe, from coat to boots. Fendi, for example, has decided to show off for the new season a total red with lacquer boots that will surround to dresses, coats and pencil skirt.

But what is the real secret of this nuance? Its power, the energy, the vibrations emanating: these are the critical elements to the success of the red in the fashion world. And nobody, from the designers to the models will be really able to resist. It will be absolutely the colour of passion to establish itself in this new coming autumn, alone or in combination with other colours.

From denim suits to duvets, through the plaid and polka dots pattern, everything will be set to turn on red in this early winter. The shades will not be outdone: from the ruby-red to scarlet or borgogna. These are the shades chosen by brands such as Max Mara, Giambattista Valli, Fendi, Biagiotti, Giorgio Armani. The purple sees protagonists Ferretti, Gucci and Max Mara to give space to the embarrassment of choice. There will also be combinations of red to light blue or black.

However, what will be the canvas we will create these combinations on? Obviously the denim, a fabric that thanks to new technologies became even lighter giving a greater elasticity and so adapting it to other items different from the classic jeans, such as dresses, pants and jackets.