Author: Emanuela Longo

The Milan Fashion Week is back with its unmissable events on stage from 20th to 25th September. They were all over 20 events scheduled for 63 fashion shows and 94 presentations in total, and some important debuts. In the busy schedule of events, it is worth noting The Green Carpet Fashion Awards staged on 24th September at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. It was the emblematic ceremony of the awards that helped transform the Milanese fashion week in a “global event built on sustainability”, as defined by Carlo Capasa, president of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion.

The event has set itself the aim of rewarding the Oscars of sustainable fashion and had as guests of the lofty caliber of Colin and Livia Firth, Helen Mirren and Julianne Moore. The event wanted to turn the spotlight on a series of questions intended often to overshadow. When we stand in front of a window to observe a dress, maybe we appreciate the invoice, colours and fabrics. But how many people do really wonder who made it and how? Under what conditions he worked and what really lies behind its creation? Was cheap labor probably used? Questions, these, which have paid attention the Green Carpet Fashion Awards to, an event that gives new importance to a sustainable fashion so that takes into account the environment, but also the human condition of those who live with fashion.

In Italy you can find all the manufacturing stages of fashion, from fabrics to the final product. For this reason Made in Italy must be supported and considered an important resource to be protected. Here then we are to grow, our country needs to embrace a sustainable fashion at every stage. An ambitious project, of course, that our country has undertaken since 2011 and that is pursuing with great interest and success. The objective is to arrive at a certification of the entire chain can be clear and transparent to each consumer in the same way of the foods that we carry on our tables.

For this reason also thought this year we thought for an event to be placed as part of Fashion Week in Milan to order to reward those who every day are committed to creating a sustainable and ethical fashion. The Awards have been around eleven including an award to Gisele Bündchen for its commitment to protect the Brazilian rainforest, and one delivered to Chiara Vigo for producing marine abyss. In the course of the event it was also space dedicated to emerging designers who represent the future of fashion Made in Italy.