Stop to furAuthor: Emanuela Longo

Like Stella McCartney and other famous colleagues of hers such as Calvin Klein, Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Zara and Hugo Boss, Gucci also makes the fundamental decision: stop to fur. If some people were still believing that fur was trendy, the decision made by the famous fashion brand is going to change their minds. Many top end labels have acted as pioneer by saying ‘no’ to fur and banning them completely from their production since the beginning, while many others joined them in the “fur free policy” only after. Now Gucci can be added to the list thanks to its decision which is perfectly in line with the times.

Starting from 2018,  Gucci’s fur is going to be out of production, but it is worthwhile noting that no one of the other very expensive clothing items of this fashion house will have fur details on it, including mink, fox, sable or other animals.

“Do you think that using fur is still modern? Absolutely not and that’s why we have decided to stop its production”: these are the words – reported during an intervention to the London College of Fashion – by Gucci’s chief executive Marco Bizzarri, who restated that the decision was made jointly with Alessandro Michele. “The decision represents our absolute commitment in making sustainable development an essential element of our activity” he said, reaffirming their policy and their closeness to the end consumer. Their choice has been echoed by the international media finally reaching the animal rights associations that, obviously, welcomed it with enthusiasm.

And it was the Italian group campaign  LAV (Antivivisectionist Association) that referred to it as to “a turning point in the fashion world” in the name of respect, evolution and social progress. “Gucci’s decision will radically change the future of fashion. Respect for animals is increasingly more rooted in people’s values and the top brands of fashion are gradually implementing policies of social responsibilities choosing this direction” is reported on the association official website. Fashion, thus, is becoming more and more ethical, as the most famous brands have been showing in the last years and are still showing today.