outfitAuthor: Emanuela Longo
Photo: http://www.dyeinghousegallery.com

The choice of the outfit and the colors to combine are surely important but, perhaps, the selection of the fabric suitable to any occasion has been underestimated so far. Before choosing the clothes to wear, therefore, it could be useful to ask how our favourite clothes are made. It is the fabric that should influence our final choice for it is the element that makes some clothes suitable to specific circumstances.  Are you not fully convinced?

Here are some practical examples, then.

The right office outfit is dominated without any doubt by microfiber, formfitting and silky but, at the same time, light and covering. A sort of second skin that can be worn under your clothes, with a vest or a slip. It is a precious ally for women during their chaotic working days. Microfiber is noncommittal but ideal for everyday outfits and capable of offering comfort to any woman even in the most tiring moments. Then, there is the outfit for a romantic dinner. On this occasion, the fabric to prefer is surely lace, undisputed synonym of elegance and femininity. Sheer effects are still playing an important role in fashion, with their delicate and discreet style (if worn as underwear or as a detail on trousers or skirts) but, above all, they still remain sensual.

Travel outfit is characterized by technical fabric. Modal has gained more and more importance for it offers softness and breathability even during long journeys, as well as comfortability of course. So if you are preparing your suitcase, do not forget it. Keep attention to ‘maintenance’ too: if you took care of it, this material does not become discoloured nor unstrings. It is ideal for long-sleeve sweaters or elegant tops for a last-minute change at the airport.

Whether you live in a particularly cold place or in an incredible hot place, there is an ideal fabric you can always use. It is silk, with its refined, precious but also practical style thanks to its insulation quality. That’s why it is useful with every climate offering high comfort, especially if it is used for kimonos, shirts or shorts.

Finally, the right outfit for gym: the ideal fabric is here represented by supima cotton capable of granting the maximum of breathability and freshness, declined in several forms and variations, from natural to raw cut versions.