man tieAuthor: Emanuela Longo

Every man should have at least one tie in his wardrobe. A glam accessory par excellence, the tie contributes to complete man’s look and make his outfit unique and chic. Obviously, ties also have their season and those for  Fall/Winter 2017-18 are really different. There aren’t only classic models or monochromatic ties but also very peculiar proposals so to meet every needs of style and taste, with printed fabrics, nice decorations and unique, multicolored patterns. There also exclusive innovations in fabrics with a wide range of choices from silk to wool.

Classic ties obviously represent a ‘must-have’ in a man’s wardrobe for they provide a touch of glamour, elegance and rigor to his style. The best match is that with an elegant outfit or a specific dress code as required under certain circumstances or during important events. On those occasions, the best choice is a classic monochromatic tie or a bleu with white strips tie. Total black is, then, a true classic even though one risks to look like a hyena.

In the next cold season, men with a strong personality or the will to surprise at any cost can show off ties with printed materials and will surely have a great impact. In those cases, a good choice would be classic ties with polka dots on contrasting colors and the insertion of small printed patterns like skulls or UFOs.

Winter is synonym of cold. What is best of a wool tie? Beware of the match, though, for this model, either classic or with printed patterns and decorations, is to be associated with a casual look. They are perfect when combined with a slim fit shirt, a pair of jeans and an elegant jacket.