New year, new hair style? Well, before going to the barber’s, take a look to the trends of men’s hair styling in the new year.

The keyword for men’s hair styling in 2018 is short; rather very short … but not crew cut. In fact, this year extreme crew cuts are going to be abandoned for more elegant haircuts and softer lines.

If you are fond of your fluent hair, you must know that long, wild hair will be out of fashion in next months; you can have a double haircut at the most (for it’s an evergreen), very short on the sides and with a tuft on the front (a bit longer for under 30).

On the other hand, if you have recently had a crew cut, you should let your hair grow for a while before cutting your hair again.

Hipster look is still a trend so hair part on one side, neat tuft and well-finished beard. No unkempt hair admitted!

Men’s fashion runaways have also given suggestions for 2018 men’s hairstyle, with more relaxed haircuts, which are less defined compared to the hipster style. Irkenberg presented very young models with short, but not crew, cuts and bangs. Yes, you read correct, the bangs!

It is not in a female style, of course, but short choppy bangs easily dressed without pre-defined patterns.

Coloring also shows some innovations with more daring colors such as ash shades on the tuft. The bravest men can also choose some bronze highlights, maybe combined to the coolest haircuts in 2018.