Author: Emanuela Longo

What are the outfits of next months? We have had more than one suggestion from Milan, Paris, London and Florence catwalks anticipating the trends of men’s fashion for next Spring and Summer.

The leitmotiv of all the runways has been represented by brilliant and gaudy colors, combined with light fabrics made particular by fringes, patchworks and metal textures. Among the ‘must-have’ accessories in men’s wardrobe there are definitely visors, flip flops and bandanas. Furthermore, the use of waterproof materials stands out as an idea to adapt to an increasingly unreliable climate.

If spare time is synonym of casual and informal clothing, work outfit will be characterized by a less informal style and retro and cut-out suits.

Pink has been accepted, but also yellow, azure, green and lavender in all their pastel nuances, so that they have become a trend in men’s fashion for Spring-Summer 2018.

Everyone knows that in fashion details are essential; and the details we need to pay attention to in next months are essentially two: pockets and writings.

Pockets of all size and forms as long as there are many of them, together with lettering print as a new form of expression, proposed in several sizes and typologies.

A last trend in men’s fashion for Spring-Summer 2018 is dedicated to those who loves daring: palazzo pants, trousers cut with loose, wide legs and realized in light materials to be worn with sweaters, jackets or shirts.