Author: Emanuela Longo

There is a clothing item which is often underestimated even though it plays a major role in defining men’s outfit. It is men’s socks that can be classic or peculiar according to the needs or the circumstances as well as the style. Which are the trendiest models and what to wear on different occasions?

When you buy men’s socks first of all you should take the style you want to adopt into consideration. Socks are not all the same and can vary based on the circumstances. There are some rules to follow if you want to choose them appropriately. For example, there is a clear difference between long socks and the classic short socks. But you have also to take colors and fabrics into account. Based on your own look, if you want to surprise with something original for example, you can choose dotted and colored socks, better if they are long. This type of socks are perfect when combined with a pair of jeans and mocassins. Among the most beautiful we can mention Gallo’s socks. On more casual and informal occasions, on the other hand, we can suggest patterned men’s socks.

For those who prefer sobriety, perhaps for a strict working outfit, a daring choice could be represented by colored, striped socks or with a geometric micro-pattern. In case of important event, the ideal is long socks in dark colors such as those proposed by Intimissimi.

As far as fabrics are concerned, there is a wide range of materials starting from the wool models proposed by Thom Browne, all white with colored hem. As regards the composition, the focus is on the thread count, that is on the length of the yarn obtained from a gram of raw material; (for example, a thread count of 1/80 indicates a gram of cotton from which we can derive 80 meters of yarn). The thinner is the sock, the higher is the thread count. A very good sock shall also have an invisible seam tip. Then, there are synthetic or natural fiber socks, where the first are less precious and refined but more often employed above all in the sport field, such as in the case of Adidas socks.

However, the most common ones are cotton socks, the most precious version of which is the model in lisle. The versions in wool or cashmere are warmer and fitted to be worn in Winter, while silk socks are preferable for important events or in the Summer nights.

As regards sock sizes, they often are referred to the shoe size, as in the models of Pompea or Calzedonia in Italy; at the international level, there are no different sizes but often we found a one size version. As far as the models are concerned, the most popular one is represented by short socks, mostly used in Northern Europe, even though in Italy this model is used above all in sportswear. There are also medium size models that once were worn with suspenders. Finally, there are long socks, the most elegant ones.

In the end, as a general rule we can say that white socks and long socks should be worn only to play sport, while they should be avoided in all the other circumstances!