Author: Emanuela Longo

The 2018 edition of Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, the most famous music festival in California, took place from 13 to 22 of April. As always, it was also an occasion to assess the latest trends in the world of fashion. The most sought-after guest was, obviously, Beyoncé, the Afro-American singer who was the Queen of the Festival seducing everybody with her outfits ranging from the Nefertiti’s style to the classic rocker look.

The international music star – who should have already come last year but couldn’t because of her pregnancy – made her triumphant entrance looking like the Queen Nefertiti and then went wild on the stage dressed by Balmain, with some small incidents involving her shoulder strap and her boots.

The Coachella was so inevitably turned into a Beychella 2018 due to Beyoncé’s unforgettable performances and her very enviable outfits. After her default last year for her delicate condition (she was expecting her twins Rumi and Sir), the singer could not pass unnoticed given also her role in the manifestation; in fact, she was the first black woman artist at the Coachella.

Surely the outfits she chose for the occasion had a key role. Actually, Beyoncé asked Balmain to prepare a series of custom-made outfits for the event and to realize the stage costumes for the whole chorus, too.

Olivier Rousteing designed five outfits for the American. Some were very basic, others positively more elaborate. In the first category, there were a yellow crop top sweatshirt combined to denim shorts and fringe boots. However, the most spectacular outfit was the one marking her appearance, that is the Nefertiti style. It was characterized by a bodysuit covered by a cape with the embroidered image of the ancient Egyptian queen and an Egyptian hat to complete the look. Black, silver and gold were the prevalent colors.

The most thrilling outfit was, however, that of the surprise she made to her fans on the occasion of Destiny’s Child’s reunion together with Michelle and Kelly. They all wore matching outfits – as in the old times – designed by Balmain. For the event, Rousteing designed three camouflage outfits adorned with sequins and inspired by the famous song Survivor.  There were shorts and crop top for Michelle, bra and shorts for Kelly and the ubiquitous bodysuit for Beyoncé.