Author: Emanuela Longo

“You cannot buy class!”; how many times have you heard it? Often elegance can be seen in details and in men’s clothing, which is less varied compared to the female one, it is the very detail to make the difference. When you speak about formal look, you usually think of a perfect mix between classic and formal outfits, even though it is not always easy to reach.

On important ceremonies such as, for example, a friend’s or a relative’s wedding or simply a special occasion, elegance is necessary. How can you avoid being boring and look terrific at the same time?

In this case, you run the risk to appear not so elegant. If you do not have clear indications on the required dress code, you should always take into account the location where the event take place. For example, if you are invited to a beach wedding, it goes without saying that the required outfit should be an unstructured suit  in light cotton or linen preferring light colors or even a total white following Giorgio Armani’s style. On the contrary, a wedding event in town would require a more classic outfit with dark (blue or gray) suits and double-breasted coats.

Another synonym of absolute elegance, which is also ideal for ceremonies, is the shirt; white or light-colored shirt. It should necessarily be worn under the jacket and could be removed only when the dances are officially opened, never before. If you are not particularly inclined to wear (and endure) a tie, then you can opt for a shirt with mandarin collar that, besides being elegant and contemporary, is also noncommittal.

Another absolutely elegant clothing item is the dinner suit, which is increasingly used not only at night events but also at weddings. It is glam and capable of donating an irresistible charm to the men who wear it.

In this case, it is not the tie but the bow tie to be required. How can you choose it? You should choose a black, silk or gros-grain bow tie. The most eccentric men can opt for Saint Laurent’s proposal with a tone-on-tone bow tie in silk and sequin.

On the other hand, the tie represents a very important detail in terms of elegance and it can be rarely omitted in a ceremony outfit. However, it shouldn’t be the absolute protagonist, so you can choose more basic and sober shades compared to those you can wear at less formal events.

Shoes deserve a separate discussion. The more formal Oxford model is different from the Derby model because it has a closed lace. However, both models are destined to be worn on special occasions, such as a wedding party; it will be the shape and color to make the difference (as for the latter it is always better to choose the classic brown or black models).

Finally, there are all the other details that can contribute to make the difference. Pocket handkerchiefs are one of them! But, take notes: never match it with your tie! Cufflinks are also an important detail for ceremony outfits, but it is always better if they stay sober. In the end, there are suspenders to complete your outfit, capable of giving a chic and dandy appearance to those who wear them.